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We have put together a list of the top ten poker gift ideas for the card player in your life. These are the best poker gift ideas that every serious player would love to have and a great way to show you really care for your poker enthusiast. These make great poker gift ideas for birthdays, christmas, or any other special occasion.

We are serious poker players and we put this list together to help our friends and family find poker gift ideas for us that we really want. The list was such a hit that we decided to share it with the world. We hunted around for the best poker gift ideas at the best prices and link you directly to where to get them. We have partnered with Amazon to offer you the best selection of poker gifts. We only recommend the truly best poker gift ideas that we would love to get ourselves.

Poker Chip Sets

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 1

Professional Poker Chips with Display Case

Owning your own poker chip set makes a big statement that you love poker. When looking for a poker set it's importand that it includes real casino chips (they feel better), two decks of cards, and a dealer button. I like the chip sets that have values printed on them to avoid confusion at the table. Any of these recommended sets will be a great gift, some are better for frequent play, others are better for show & display.  • View Products on

Poker Guards

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 2

Poker Guard & Good Luck Token

A poker guard is a weighted object that is used to protect a players two hole cards. The player will place the protector on top of his or her cards to let the dealer and other players know that they are still in the hand and have not folded. Most players also feel their protector is a token of luck and should say something about their personality. These make great gifts!  • View Products on

Poker Cards

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 3

Professional Cards & Decks

Most players play with the basic cards you find at the drug store or that come with a chip set. Every serious player would love to have a high-grade professional set of cards. It's important to have two decks of differing colors (one to play the current hand, and one to shuffle while the current hand is in play). The best cards are plastic and are difficult to fold, tear, or otherwise damage.  • View Products on

Poker Card Shuffler

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 4

A REAL Casino Grade Professional Card Shuffler or Dealing Supplies

Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy a cheap 'card shuffler', they don't really shuffle. A real shuffler will take an entire deck and produce a random shuffle every time without any extra effort. If you are going to buy one, make a big statement with the real deal. For something a little less expensive, get a book or DVD on shuffling & dealing. The poker fan in your life will have extra confidence when dealing at the table.  • View Products on

Poker Table

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 5

Poker Table with Chairs

If your poker fan has a game room or a basement, then a poker table is a perfect gift. Good poker tables have a reversable top that will convert from a table into a felt-top poker surface with chip holders and drink slots. This one has a cherry finish and also has a recessed bumper pool game. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, you gan get a fold-up table or just a table top playing surface.  • View Products on

Poker Books

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 6

Poker Books

Every serious player can learn something by reading and learning more about the game from the pros. In the last ten years there has been an explosion of books and learning materials that has brought poker education to a whole new level. I have brought together a collection of the best poker books available for different styles of play. If you aren't sure what style your poker fan plays most, stick to the Harrington books which will improve any game style.  • View Products on

Poker Journal

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 7

A Poker Journal

One of the best ways for poker players to improve their game is to keep a poker journal and keep track of their development. This is how players identify their 'leaks', or weaknesses, over time. Only the best take the time to do this and that is one reason they are the best.  • View Products on

Poker Movies

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 8

Poker Movies

Poker fans love movies about poker. They love to imagine themselves in the roles of the actors, going all in with pocket aces. I have brought together a few of the best poker related movies ever made. My personal favorite is Rounders, a movie credited with bringing Texas Hold'em into the mainstream and giving momentum to the recent explosion in poker interest.  • View Products on

Poker Props

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 9

Poker Apparel

Poker 'Props' are things that players wear to either present a certain image, hide their tells, or just give them something to do while playing (like listening to poker podcasts). A few common 'props' are sunglasses, shirts, or Mp3 players. Oakley Thump Sunglasses are popular because they combine eye coverage with music.  • View Products on

Poker Video Games

Best Poker Gift Idea Number 10

Poker Video Games

Because poker is such a 'feel' game that depends on so many factors other than the cards, electronic game play is a poor substitute for the real thing. The only video game that I can honestly recommend is the World Series of Poker 2008 available on all major platforms. This is a fantastic game with amazing artificial intelligence. Even serious players will find their skills challenged against the virtual pros in this game.  • View Products on